The Regional Project Monitoring and Evaluation System (RPMES) is one of the initiatives to mainstream the culture of M&E in the government. A series of issuances led up to its implementation including EO 308, MO 175, EO 376, RA 7160, EO 93 and NEDA MC 1-94.  It primarily aims to facilitate program and project implementation, and devolve project facilitation, problem-solving, monitoring, and evaluation to the regional, provincial, city and municipal levels

Specifically, the system aims to:

  • to provide a system for the integration, coordination, and linkage of all monitoring activities in the region 
  • to provide up-to-date and relevant information on the overall status of project implementation at each level for timely program/project adjustments, planning, and budget allocation
  • institutionalize problem-solving session (PSS) as a mechanism to address issues and concerns related to the implementation of programs and projects; provide information on lessons learned in project implementation for planning, budgeting, and implementation of future similar projects;
  • to assess and ascertain whether projects implemented are supportive of regional development goals and plans as well as national development thrusts and priorities;
  • to provide a venue for greater participation of NGOs in the development planning process;
  • to  assess and ascertain whether development programs and projects implemented are delivering results in support of regional development goals and plans as well as national development thrusts and priorities; and
  • provide a venue for greater participation of civil society organizations (CSOs) in public sector management.

Below are titles of the available Caraga RPMES Reports:

1st Quarter 2020 Caraga RPMES Report

2nd Quarter 2020 Caraga RPMES Report

3rd Quarter 2020 Caraga RPMES Report

4th Quarter 2020 Caraga RPMES Report

1st Quarter 2021 Caraga RPMES Report

The RPMES Reports are classified as restricted documents based on the NEDA Classification of Documents, Page 35. A copy of the reports will be made available upon written request addressed to:

Regional Director, NEDA Caraga, and
Chairperson, Regional Project Monitoring Committee – Caraga
NEDA Building, J. Rosales Ave., Butuan City, 8600, Philippines