The following are the RDC PSR for 2019-2022 term of office:

Sector Name of PSR and PSO Sectoral Engagements
Fishery Mr. Rho Cougee C. Garrido
Mangagoy Fishermen Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Actively engaged in fishery sector-related Programs, Projects, Activities (PPAs) since 2012 such as: Rehabilitation upgrading of 10 tons capacity ice plant to 17 tons capacity energy efficient ice plant;Bottled tuna processing facility; andAgri-fishery production loans.
Agriculture Engr. Vivencio P. Ocite, Jr.
VPO Development Foundation, Inc.
Played an active role in the development of agriculture and livestock production in Caraga region since 2012. Implemented Programs, Projects, Activities (PPAs) related to agriculture and farm production such as:   Agriculture and livestock processing facility; andEnhancing farming techniques of farmers to increase farm production.
Forestry Mr. Kirby C. Go
Butuan City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.
Active member of various PSOs since 2011. Implemented reforestation activities, as well as PPAs on lumber production and processing.
Mineral Engr. Leonel A. Santos
Surigao Economic Development and Microfinance Foundation, Inc.
Served as head of the Mining Industry Cluster of DTI. With ongoing project called Strengthening and Diversifying the Local Economy in the Mining Areas of Caraga Region.
Ecotourism/ Tourism Mr. Robert Douglas Andaya
Balik Kultura Caraga, Inc.
Member of various culture and arts-related PSO since 2010. Implemented PPAs that aimed to develop and promote arts, culture and history as well as organized and strengthen the creative industry of Caraga region, such as:   1st Caraga Arts FestivalCreative Industry Cluster Planning Workshop
Business Ms. Concepcion R. Paqueo
Surigao Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.
Member of various PSOs since 1998. Conducted various project engagements concerning socioeconomic development particularly on the role of businesses. Project engagements with SCCI mainly cater to the business community.
Labor Mr. Rosauro Oliva Pepito
Associated Labor Unions – Trade Union Congress of the Philippines
Acted as the Regional Union Representative of the ALU-TUCP since 2004. Implemented PPAs to enhance workers’ productivity as well as educate, organize, and negotiate collective agreements.
Basic Sector Ms. Concepcion C. Asis
People Power Volunteers for Reform- Caraga, Inc.
Engaged in socioeconomic development activities particularly in the conduct of trainings/ seminars/consultation workshop on development of local enterprises, participation in local government planning, anti-corruption, and capacity building. Beneficiaries of some project engagements include IPs, women, youth, and farmers among others.
Indigenous People Mr. Samuel B. Behing
Wawa Sectoral Tribal Council
Served as Chairperson of Wawa Sectoral Tribal Council since 2011. Involved in various PPAs that cater to the IPs such as livelihood support to IPs, reforestation of CADT 093, and classroom construction for Lumads among others.
Education Dr. Pazfegurita M. Ojeda
Rizalian Association of Mercy, Inc.- Love Always Means Benignity
Member of various PSOs from 2000 to present. Among her advocacies include values formation, gender sensitivity, HIV-AIDS awareness, human trafficking and leadership, anti-bullying, and drug abuse prevention in schools.
Health Ms. Lilia B. Augis
Caraga Regional Barangay Health Workers Federation, Inc.
Active member and officer of various BHW associations since 2014. Supporter of the Honorarium Increase for the 305 Accredited BHWs in Butuan City in 2010 as well as of the Health Medical Kits for all BHWs in 2014.
Development Administration Ms. Christine H. Ampon
Sibog Katawhan Alang sa Paglambo (SIKAP), Inc.
Member of various PSOs since 2000. Involved in local governance, disaster risk reduction, promotion of rights, environmental management, and livelihood and gender equity PPAs among others.
Logistics Engr. Epimaco M. Galero, Jr.
Foundation for Rural Enterprise and Ecology Development of Mindanao, Inc.
Member of various PSOs since 1990. Project engagements include validation (geotagging and geomapping) of various road, plantation, irrigation, and pre and post-harvest facilities projects.