1. Citizenship. Private Sector Representatives (PSR) nominees must be Filipino citizens of legal age, not otherwise disqualified by law, with a proven track record in socio-economic development in the region, and must be willing and able to participate in all RDC activities.
  2. Occupation. A PSR nominee must not hold any government position, whether appointive or elective and must not receive any remuneration (i.e. salary) from the government while serving as private sector representative to the RDC.
  3. Track record. Must have a proven track record in socioeconomic development in the region especially in the sector represented or in his/her respective area for at least three years and must be able to execute the functions and responsibilities of RDC PSR.
  4. Nomination. The nominee must be formally nominated, by a qualified PSO, which is duly registered/ accredited with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or accrediting national government agencies (NGA) and local government units (LGUs).


Sector Areas of Interest
1 Fishery Fishery production, productivity, trade, and artisanal fisherfolk per RA 8425 or the Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Act
2 Agriculture Agriculture production, productivity, trade, and farmer-peasant per RA 8425 or the Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Act
3Forestry Lumber/timber production, productivity, and trade
4Mineral Mining production and processing, productivity, and trade
5Ecotourism Eco-tourism and heritage tourism
6Business Real estate, trade, investment, commerce, manufacturing
7Environment Environment and natural resources, watershed management, solid waste, and sanitation
8 Labor Labor organizations per EO 384, Series of 1996
9Basic Sector Disadvantaged sectors of Caraga region such as farmer-peasant, artisanal fisherfolk, women, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, youth and students, children, urban poor, and cooperatives
10Indigenous People Indigenous people and cultural communities
11Education Basic and higher education, vocational and technical education, human resource development
12Health Health and sanitation, nutrition, family planning
13Development Administration Peace and development, governance, disaster risk management, and development planning
14Logistics Transportation, energy, water and utilities, telecommunications, information technology, irrigation, flood control, construction, other infrastructure activities


The PSR nominee must be formally nominated by qualified Private Sector Organization (PSO), Civil Society Organization (CSO), and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) duly accredited by the RDC. The PSO must have the following qualifications to be able to participate in the PSR selection process:

  1. Legal Personality – The PSO/CSO/NGO must be registered with the SEC or accredited by any government agency and LGU, which registers/accredits organizations and association for the purpose of bestowing legal personality;
  2. Performance – The PSO/CSO/NGO must have conducted pertinent sector/subsector activities for at least three years from the date of registration in the region;
  3. Nationality – The PSO/CSO/NGO must be a Filipino organization. PSO/CSO/NGO managed by foreigners, whose officers and members are primarily composed of foreign nationals, or are considered branches or affiliates of foreign organizations are disqualified;
  4. Scope of Operation – The PSO/CSO/NGO must operate or cover at least two provinces/cities in the region or region-wide; and
  5. Others. An organization that has government officials and employees as ex-officio members of the Governing Board or whose operations are funded by the government are disqualified. Financial support by the government to specific projects will not be considered as funding support to operations.


The RDC-PSR nomination and confirmation process is guided by the following steps:


  1. The RDC Secretariat shall generate the list of accredited PSO/CSO/NGO from government agencies and LGUs and invitation to prospective PSOs will be sent out.
  2. Interested PSOs shall submit a filled-out PSO Profile Sheet (Annex A) and certified true copies of supporting documents such as certificate of registration from SEC or accreditation from any government agencies and LGU and proof of project engagement/s on the sector that the organization is interested to represent.
  3. The RDC Secretariat shall conduct desk validation on the submissions of the interested PSO/CSO/NGO.
  4. The RDC Secretariat shall prepare a validated list of qualified PSO/CSO/NGO.
  5. The RDC Secretariat shall send-out letters to qualified PSO/CSO/NGO to participate in the PSR nomination process.

Nomination of PSRs

  1. The qualified PSO/CSO/NGO shall submit a filled-out PSR and Voter’s Nomination Form (Annex B) and PSR Nominee Information Sheet (Annex C).
  2. A PSO/CSO/NGO can only have a maximum of one nominee per sector. If a PSO is qualified for two sectors, the said PSO can have a maximum of two PSR nominees, one in each sector.
  3. A qualified PSO/CSO/NGO and its subsidiaries and affiliates shall be counted as one PSO/CSO/NGO only, except in cases where such affiliates or subsidiaries have distinct and separate legal personalities
  4. The nominee may at the same time be the voter unless the PSO/CSO/NGO so designates an authorized voter during the selection process.
  5. From the submissions of interested PSOs, the RDC Secretariat shall prepare the list of nominees and voters per sector.

Voting and Proclamation

  1. From the submissions of interested PSOs, the Secretariat shall prepare the list of nominees and voters per sector.
  2. The RDC Secretariat shall prepare and send-out letters inviting the PSR nominees and voters to attend the PSR Selection Convention at least two weeks prior to the event.
  3. The RDC Secretariat shall convene the official nominees and the official voters representing the qualified PSOs for the purpose of selecting the 14 PSRs to the Council.
  4. During the PSR selection convention, the RDC Secretariat shall orient the official nominees and voters about the RDC and the qualifications and duties of the PSR nominees.
  5. Participants shall then be divided into four breakout groups per Sectoral Committee. The PSR nominees shall present the platform/development agenda that they want to pursue during their term if included as among the PSRs.
  6. The selection shall be administered/ facilitated by the respective Sectoral Committee Secretariat and shall be done simultaneously through secret balloting.
  • Every PSO voter shall be entitled with one vote.
  • In cases where an occurrence of a tie among PSR nominees takes place in the first round of voting, the nominees will decide among themselves on who will assume the slot via consensus. Otherwise, the nominees may opt to draw by lots or to toss coin.
  • In cases wherein there are only two PSR nominees vying for a slot in one sector, the nominees will decide among themselves on who will assume the slot via consensus or may opt to draw by lots or to toss coin.
  • The RDC Secretariat shall tally the votes garnered and proclaim the nominees with the highest number of votes as the representative for that sector.
  • The selected PSRs shall then sign the Pledge of Commitment prepared by the RDC Secretariat.


  1. The RDC Ex-Officio members shall confirm the selected PSRs during the RDC Reorganizational Meeting that will be held after the selection of the new set of PSRs.
  2. Upon confirmation by the RDC, the PSRs shall read before the Council the Pledge of Commitment during the RDC Full Council Meeting                   

Please submit the filled-out forms (Annex A, B, and C) to the NEDA Caraga Regional Office, J. Rosales Avenue, Butuan City. The forms are available at the RDC Secretariat’s Office (NEDA Caraga) and can also be downloaded below.

The active involvement of the private sector in the RDC is means of encouraging people’s participation in governance and ensuring that their issues and concerns are mainstreamed in the development process. The Regional Development Council encourages the private sector to actively participate in the PSR selection process.

For more information, please contact us at (085) 815-1183 or nro13@neda.gov.ph.

Annex A-PSO Profile Sheet

Annex B-PSR and Voter’s Nomination Form

Annex C-PSR Nominee Information Sheet