By 2022, the Caraga Region will become the “Fishery, Agro-Forestry, Mineral and Ecotourism (FAME) Center of the Country.”

To become the FAME Center of the country, the region will develop and utilize its abundant natural endowments, i.e. agriculture, fishery and aquaculture, forestry, mineral, and ecotourism.

Becoming the FAME Center of the country requires increasing the productivity of the region’s fishery and agro-forestry sectors through processing and value-adding activities and harnessing its tourism industry by particularly developing its vast eco-tourism potentials through massive promotion and provision of strategic infrastructure support. While mining will remain as a key sector, in the interest of sustainable development and protecting ecological integrity, mining activities will be limited to existing mining areas excluding watersheds within the mining concessions. A moratorium on the issuance of new Mineral Processing Sharing Agreements (MPSAs) or Exploration permits (EPs) will be advocated by the National government. Strict enforcement of environmental laws and regulations will be observed to protect the integrity of the environment. Rehabilitation of mined-out areas will be strictly undertaken. Value-adding and processing of minerals will likewise be pursued rather than just mere extraction of mineral ores.

The development of the fishery sector will be geared towards the processing of marine and inland water resources including canning of fish and exporting high-value aquamarine products such as sea lobsters, crabs, tuna, live grouper, etc. which are abundant in the region.

Increasing the area for timber production and improving forest and the productivity of agricultural lands and processing of agri-forestry products will boost the growth of the agroforestry sectors. Self-sufficiency particularly for rice and other food staples will be aggressively pursued while increasing production for high-value crops and vegetables to supply interregional needs and for export. Increasing the region’s livestock production is also a priority. Processing of major crops such as abaca, coconut, rubber, and palm oil will continue. Development of industrial plantations and processing will be sustained while the wood processing industry of the region will be revived.

Connectivity within Caraga and its linkage to other island groups and neighboring regions will be improved to support the growth of its priority industries. Roads going to tourism destinations are of top priority; while additional world-class tourism areas will be developed. Redundant access shall be prioritized for funding and implementation to avoid the isolation of the region during disaster events.

Economic Zones will be established in the provinces and cities in support of FAME. Massive investments will be poured into the priority sectors and the government will establish an environment conducive for business to attract both domestic and foreign investors in the region. The private sector is recognized as an indispensable partner in all development efforts as the region pursues its goals.

The FAmE Logo

The fish represents the fishery sector. Its blue color represents life for the Caraganons. The fishes are in a standing position representing optimism. Superimposed on the fishes are human figures representing the people of Caraga working side-by-side.
The rice stalks and trees represent the agro-forestry sector. Its green color signifies prosperity.
The rig represents the mining sector. Its purple color means wisdom.
The surfer represents the tourism sector. Its orange color means energy and courage.
The wave represents a stream of emotions. Its red color means a passion for driving Caraga towards its goal.