The Caraga RDC Special Balik Probinsya, Bagong Pag-asa (BP2) Program Committee

convened for its Second Quarter 2021 Meeting on 14 June 2021 through teleconference to prepare for the resumption of the Program’s dispatch operations. As of 11 June 2021, the Region has 5,285 BP2 Program applicants of which 20 percent prefer farming to financially support their families once they settle in their respective chosen provinces. From said applicants, 202 principal beneficiaries with 462 family members were validated and assessed by NHA and DSWD Central Offices as eligible beneficiaries of the Program. Caraga Regional Development Council Chairperson and Special BP2 Program Committee Co-Chairperson Gov. Dale B. Corvera of Agusan del Norte presided the said meeting which was attended by the local chief executives and heads of regional line agencies (RLAs).

The Heads of the Regional BP2 Clusters updated the Committee on the progress of their respective strategies and activities relative to the implementation of the BP2 Program in the Region. The Governance and Assistance to Relocatees Cluster, headed by DILG Caraga, apprised the Committee on the roles of the local government units (LGUs) relative to the overall dispatch operations which includes management of the COVID-19 pandemic, provision of assistance, monitoring of beneficiaries upon arrival, and designation of local BP2 Officers, among others. The Empowerment of Local Industries Cluster, led by DTI Caraga, had started establishing credit funds and simplifying and streamlining processes for micro, small, and medium enterprises to access available financing schemes in the Region. The Food Security and Agricultural Productivity Cluster, headed by DA Caraga, updated the body on the initiatives it undertook relative to improving the Region’s agricultural productivity to support to the beneficiary dispatches.

Among others, the Committee also discussed potential options in the establishment and development of housing project sites where the Program beneficiaries may utilize in the long-term. The body also considered utilizing the farm development model in localizing said Program considering the number of applicants who expressed interest to engage in agriculture.

The send-off schedule and dispatch activities of the verified and assessed BP2 Program applicants in the Region shall be determined once the concerned LGUs are prepared to receive their respective beneficiaries after complying with the requirements set by the BP2 Council. Relative to this, all concerned LGUs and RLAs committed to collaborate to prepare for the holistic implementation of the BP2 Program in Caraga.

Article by: Ms. Xylia G. Ebron, NRO XIII